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Dental Splints

Smile with Comfort.

Your dental health and comfort are our priority. If you’re experiencing jaw pain, teeth grinding, or other related issues, our dental splints might be the perfect solution for you. Here’s what you need to know about this advanced service we offer.

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What is a Dental Splint?

A dental splint is a custom-made oral appliance often used to treat various dental issues, including Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), teeth grinding (bruxism), and some orthodontic conditions. By offering a stabilizing effect or by redirecting biting forces, dental splints can relieve pain and prevent further dental damage.

Precision Customization

Every dental splint is meticulously tailored, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum therapeutic effect.

Seasoned Expertise

Our team comprises dedicated professionals constantly updating their skills, guaranteeing your treatment is aligned with the latest dental innovations.

Supreme Durability

We never compromise on quality. By employing the industry’s finest materials, our splints offer longevity and sustained comfort.

Comprehensive Care

Beyond the splint, our team is committed to providing holistic care, ensuring you understand the full spectrum of benefits and how to maintain optimal dental health.

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Explore the benefits of a Dental Splint?

  1. Targeted Pain Relief: Chronic jaw discomfort and tension can be things of the past. Dental splints provide targeted relief, helping you function without distress.
  2. Tooth Protection: Nightly teeth grinding can erode enamel and heighten sensitivity. Our splints act as a protective barrier, ensuring the longevity and health of your teeth.
  3. Headache & Migraine Alleviation: Many dental issues can manifest as persistent headaches or migraines. Dental splints tackle the root of the issue, dramatically reducing or even eliminating related head pain.
  4. Enhanced Sleep Quality: Teeth grinding can interrupt a peaceful night’s rest. With our splints, you can look forward to undisturbed, rejuvenating sleep.
  5. Avoidance of Costly Repairs: By mitigating the damaging effects of grinding and clenching, dental splints can save you from future costly dental repairs and procedures.

Embrace Dental Comfort

Don’t let dental discomfort affect your daily life. Schedule a consultation with Innovation Denture Center and discover how a dental splint can help you achieve better dental health and improved quality of life.