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Innovation Denture Center

Restoring Smiles in Kamloops, BC

Meet Your Denturist

Scanning of teeth to fit new dentures

Trista Ford, RD, DD

Trista Ford graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2017. She began her career as a Denturist for Northern Lights Denture Clinic in Prince George, BC. This is where she gained her knowledge and developed her specialty skills on digital dentures and all the state-of-the-art technology that goes with it.

Trista and her family (husband Devon, son’s Hendrix and Langston) moved to Kamloops in 2021 to be closer to family. After her maternity leave  in 2022, she decided to venture out on her own and make her vision a reality by opening a digital denture center.

Innovation Denture Center

The Innovation Denture Centre in Kamloops, BC stands as a testament to meticulous planning and dedication. After an extensive search to find the ideal location, the centre proudly boasts ground-level accessibility, complimentary parking for all patients, and a spacious area of over 2600 sq. ft. The design of the office has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure disability-inclusive facilities. Furthermore, the centre is equipped with the world’s most advanced digital denture technology and equipment.

At the Innovation Denture Centre, clients are guaranteed a premium service, ensuring they leave with a high-quality product and a confident, perfect smile.

Modern digital denturist exam room